Our culture

Our culture is our foundation - we thrive in it.

Our culture encourages us to be creative in a nurturing, supportive and high-performance environment. We face challenges together and celebrate our successes together.

We are passionate about producing outcomes that have an impact and exceed expectations. We take responsibility for our actions, we encourage feedback and we recognise our team for their achievements.

When assessing our candidates, cultural fit is not a "nice to have" - it's vital. Simply being able to "do the job" is not enough. In order to hire, we need to be excited about the idea of the candidate joining the team!

Our team's success relies on an efficient, cohesive unit and that's why finding the right hire is so important.


  • We take total ownership of the outcomes we generate as individuals, as teams and as a company.
  • We don’t blame. We do what we say, positively influence others and follow up to achieve great things.
  • We expect excellence from each other and support each other to deliver it.


  • We go the extra mile for each other.
  • We take the time to understand our clients and each other, creating long term relationships based on trust, respect and care.
  • We value the importance of individuality, fun and laughter.


  • We make all communications and processes as simple as they can be to achieve the outcome.
  • We’re selective about what we do, and do it extremely well.
  • We eliminate distraction and noise so we can focus on what’s truly important.


  • We don’t do half-assed, we don’t do mediocre!
  • We follow and improve our documented processes.
  • We don’t just fix the symptom of a problem – we identify the root cause, and implement processes, systems, or training to ensure it doesn’t happen again.


  • We’re obsessed with improvement, and show visible passion for everything we do.
  • We’re curious, and share and apply our learnings to make incremental improvements each day.
  • We leave things in a better state than we find them.


  • We’re open and honest with each other, and get information from the source.
  • We actively seek and give direct feedback to enable each other to improve.
  • We challenge ideas, speak up fearlessly, demand what we need to succeed, and escalate when required.


  • We show gratitude to our teammates, and celebrate the great things that happen here every day – whether they’re small wins, or major successes.
  • We make praise specific, so that we can all learn from it.

Our benefits

We love to see our team members grow their careers! We assist them to set both short and long term goals that will see them get there, and promote from within whenever possible.

We are committed to life-long learning. Our collaborative atmosphere brings out the best in everyone, leveraging the knowledge and years of experience of our highly-skilled team.

We have a huge library ranging on topics from business strategy to development as well as a number of online learning resources.

Our team like to stay fit and participate in a variety of sports and physical activities during lunchtimes.

Fun activities are a frequent occurrence around the office. Friday night drinks are a tradition, while others may be one-off or annual.

We offer monthly massages to help relieve stress, revitalising our bodies and minds.

We provide a selection of healthy foods so each team member can start their day with a nutritious breakfast.

Our Breakout Room has a pool table, ping pong, all the latest gaming consoles and a heap of board-games.

Monthly events are organised for everyone to take part in, with a spirit of celebrating the successes of each month.

Our office environment

Have a look around our office! Our open plan nurtures collaboration and ease of communication.

Check out our office
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What our people say

I look forward to coming to work at 4mation on a daily basis; and it's not just for the lunchtime sport. Working at 4mation has been a great experience. They have been extremely supportive of my growth and learning, engaging me in diverse projects that push my knowledge and skillsets forward. The standout about 4mation is the company culture. Everyone embraces desire to see our clients thrive and prosper, and consequently you can’t help but want to be a part of that journey.

4mation is a great place to grow and develop, both professionally and personally. I've been exposed to very diverse clients, expanding my knowledge and experience across multiple sectors. By cultivating an open culture and a supportive atmosphere, 4mation provides a great environment for work including end of month parties and fun events. I truly enjoy every moment here.

I have been working at 4mation since 2015. During these years, 4mation supported me in setting my goals, learning and growing, and guided me in my career. The care 4mation invests in its people is reflected in the work we deliver to our clients. By far the most favourite part of my job is the people I work with. They are professional and competent in what they do. And most of all, they’re fun.